Environment & Safety

Top Gear Transmission believes that respect for the present and the adoption of environmental protection policies are essential if we are to enjoy a better future.


We all, at Top gear family are inherently committed towards the creation and preservation of safe and healthy working environment

We will consistently take care that our manufacturing processes will not harm and cause imbalance in the environment. We will strive to nurture world standard Health, Safety and Environment Policy. Each thought of our corporate decision making process will be consistent with Health, safety & Environment Policy. We will consistently strive for continuous improvement.


  1. Establishment of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management system
  2. Active participation of all Employees
  3. To clearly identify the safety needs at various processes
  4. Ensure safety and the absence of risks to health in connection with the use, control, handling, storage and transport of materials and substances.
  5. To inculcate safety awareness among all concerned through training and other means.
  6. To ensure that the employees understand their safety related responsibilities and discharge them with utmost care in their day to day operations
  7. Implement and maintain arrangements for consultation with staff on health & safety matters.
  8. Including Safety as a independent parameter while evaluating employee Performance
  9. Comply with the statutory requirements as the minimum standard for health, safety and welfare of employees at work, and all others for whom the Company has statutory obligations.
  10. Preservation of natural resources & control on environmental pollution
  11. Induction of Health ,Safety and Environment Evaluation report in company’s Annual report

All Corporate polices of Top Gear will form cornerstone of implementation process.