Sugar Mill Drive MD & SMD Series

Top Gear has launched a series of heavy duty planetary gear boxes in foot mounted construction which can be used as single drive for a Mill as well as shaft mounted SMD series where in the planetary gearboxes are mounted with rigid coupling on mill roller shaft with tangential key ways & supported by floating torque arm.

The Foot Mounted Mill Drive designed with first stage helical to take care of high peripheral speed and further three stages are designed with planetary construction which can handle high torque. The output shaft is generally made with square end design further connected to mill with wire rope coupling and the three foundations with 10 no’s foundation bolts take care of rugged foundation requirement of very high loading.

The application of Planetary Mill drive is becoming popular over conventional drive system with the advantage of high efficiency, zero maintenance, space saving & lesser foundation cost. It can be used for GRPF also.

The SMD series drives are inline four stage planetary, inline in construction and can be mounted with GRPF applications in sugar mills. Further these drives eliminate transmission losses in pinion due to direct shaft mounting principle these SMD series also can be used in carrier applications like Cane carrier, Inter carrier, RBC/MBC.

Plant Capacity                  :  200 TCD to 10000 TCD
Mill Capacity                     :  16’’ X 24’’ to   45’’ X 90’’
Power                                :  30 Kw to 750 Kw
Torque                               :  40000 Nm to 4500000 Nm
Speed                                 :  3.6 RPM to 8 RPM


Sugar Industry