India being world’s 2nd Largest Sugar producer is heavily dependent on Sugar Industry to drive its economy. Sugar Industry in itself has become a Profit Centre as the raw material sugar cane can, other than sugar, be transformed into alcohol, Ethanol, organic Fertilizers and electric energy for internal process use.

Top Gear offers 100% Transmission Solutions to each of these transformation Process of Sugar from handling of raw material, through to processing and movement of end product.

Now a days industries needs to minimize maintenance & labor by optimum utilization of capacity & reducing waste, saving of power. Sugar industry is also don’t have option to go through this trend of new technology & here is the concept of energy efficient drive came in picture & which is replaced by planetary gearboxes.

In this industry we have successfully supplied Gearboxes to following applications.

Mill House

Feeder Table
Cane Carrier
Aux Cane Carrier
Cane Kicker
Cane Pusher
Cane Carrier
Mill Drive up to 1000 HP
Rake Carrier
Inter Rake Carrier

Boiler House

Bagasse Elevator
Return Bagasse Carrier
Traveling Grate
Bagasse Feeder
Bagasse Extractor
Screw Feeder

Boiling House

Cane Mud Filter
Cane Juice Clarifier
Lime Slacker, Lime Conveyor, Lime Dilutor
Juice Sulphiter
Sugar Melter
Crystallizer (Air, Water / Vacuum / Vertical)
Pug Mill
Magma Pump
Magma Mixer.

Sugar House

Sugar Bucket Elevator
Sugar Bag Stacker