Slew Drive

The range of slewing drives offered by Top gear are being widely used in various applications like a drilling rigs, cranes, wind mill, stackers, loaders, excavators, where the application demands  rotation of equipment @ 360 degree.

The constructional feature of slew drive has got sturdy roller bearings to take care of the radial & axial loads on output shafts. The pinion gear which meshes with the slew ring have positive corrections to take care the proper meshing & life of slewing ring.

These drives are available with electro magnetic as well as hydraulic brakes.

Torque capacity    : 300 Nm To 170000 Nm
Reduction Ratio  :  12:1 to 1000: 1
Input                   :  Hydraulic motor or Electric motor
Brake                  : Electromagnetic or Hydraulic spring loaded multi disc
Pinion                 :  Separate mounted or Inbuilt.


Mobile Machinery
Material Handling Equipments
Infrastructure Industry
Wind mill
Derreck cranes