Planetary Geared Motor

Planetary geared motor is offered in modular design with wide a range of variety. The geared motors are offered with IEC motors having ISI standard with IP55 protection & S 4 Class duty, 50 Hz & 440 Volts. The geared motor can be supplied along with electromagnetic brake too as per the demand.

Constructional features of planetary geared motors design is space saving & compact in size .It has high torque to weight ratio compared to conventional geared motors.

The planetary geared motor is becoming very popular in various industries due to various advantages, simplicity in design, less maintenance, high reliability & energy saving.

Planetary Geared Motor Features


Power                    :  0.17 kW to 75 kW

Torque Capacity:  100 Nm to 1000 kNm

Speed                     : 0.001 RPM to 400 RPM

Mounting              :  Flange / Foot / Shaft mounted

Planetary Geared Motor Applications

Steel Industry & Alumina refinery
Sugar Industry
Chemical Industry
Textile Industry
Infrastructure Industry
Cement and Mining Industry
Plastic & Rubber Industry
Industrial Automation
Chemical Reactor Vessels & Agitators
Agriculture Machineries
EOT Cranes (CT & LT Drives)
Machine Tools
Tea Machinery
Stone Crushing Plants