Nauta Mixture Drive

The Gear boxes often called as Conical Mixer & where the vessel is conical shaped & at the periphery one screw along with central gear box arm rotates @ 30 to 45 rpm as well as the arm rotates as per required speed @ 1 rpm.

The conical mixers are becoming popular in chemical & pharmaceutical industries over horizontal blenders due to its higher productivity & power saving by 70 %. The distinct advantage of use of conical mixer is, it generates minimum heat and minimizes product distortion.

The Nauta has got two different input drives of different capacity and also are supplied in double called as combi drive.

Capacity               : 5 kW to 20 Kw
Cone angle           : 68 ° to 73 °
Screw Speed        : 40 to 50 RPM
Rotation Speed    : 0.5 to 1.5 RPM


Chemical Industry
Textile Industry