Hoist Drives

The use of planetary drives in EOT cranes for hoist application is widely accepted by the crane industry. Top Gear has designed a wide range of hoist drives which have distinct advantages over the conventional bulky helical drives.

Top Gear gearbox has got solid input shaft & female splined shaft at output. The Hoist drum is to the connected to body of the planetary drive & the output splined shaft is held stationary by the male flanged splined spigot & drive through electric brake motor is given at input end.

The robust construction of output splined shaft with the use of high grade alloy steel ensures reliability for application. The drive is mounted inside the drum gives compactness to hoist.


Power                      :  3 kW to 15 kW
Torque                     :  1100 Nm to 15000 Nm
Reduction Ratio      :  60:1 to 110:1
Mounting                 :  Flange


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