Centrifuge Drive

The decanter is a machine where the horizontal conical vessel rotates at very high speed and at the centre of the vessel there is a scroll which also rotates in the same direction at differential speed which allows separation of solid and liquid. The planetary drive used in the decanter machine is a high precision gearbox where all the gears have accuracy of DIN1 6 & are dynamically balanced to withstand high speed of maximum 4000 rpm. Generally input shaft is kept stationary or given speed to achieve variable speed between bowl & scroll.

Depending on the design of the decanter output shaft is designed of hollow female spline construction or extra long male spline construction.

The range of products offered by Top Gear is being used by various decanter machine manufacturers in India and abroad.

Power               :  40 Kw To 150 Kw
Torque              :  3000 Nm To 15000Nm
Speed Ratio      :  52:1 to 125:1
Output              :  Solid Splined or Hollow Splined


Chemical Industry
Plastic And Rubber Industry
Decanter Machine Manufacturers