Top Gear has invented the unique solution for Belt conveyor application where in the planetary gear box is fitted inside the drum. The drum generally comes with rubber lagging. The construction of the Belt drive is very simple where the one end planetary gear box shaft is held stationary with the rigid pedestal. The gear box fitted inside the drum and it rotates completely where as the input shaft is connected to flange type motor, which is fitted at another end of drum.

The TGT Belt Drive has advantage over other the manufacturers such as motor is fitted outside which is easy in maintenance.

The Belt drives are supplied in pre oil filled condition with long life synthetic oil.

The belt drives are widely used in foundries, ore handling plants, coal handling conveyors, baggasse handling conveyors in sugar plants.

Drum Diameters     :  160 to 800 mm

Speed                           :  0.4 M/sec to 4 M/sec

Power                          : 0.18 Kw to 75 Kw

Drum Length            :  300 to 2000 mm


Steel Industry & Alumina refinery
Sugar Industry
Cement and Mining Industry
Industrial Automation
Chemical Industry
Coal Handling
Ash Handling
Ore Handling
Baggase Handling